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What this survey will do:

This diagnostic examines values, myths, and biases hidden in most sustainability efforts. It is intended to help sustainability professionals understand themselves, become better listeners, build productive collaborative efforts, manage conflict, resolve controversies, and find synergies.

How long this survey will take:

The diagnostic takes 10 minutes, but requires making difficult choices. Your answers should reflect your own values, not answers you think are socially acceptable. Be honest, all of your answers are kept completely anonymous.

Why this subject is important:

Most sustainability decisions are hotly contested and intensely political because they involve deeply held, highly personal, and often hidden values. These values define who we are and they guide decisions. Failure to navigate value differences produces confusion, negotiation train wrecks, and loss of trust.

Many people have not critically examined their values about core sustainability topics. As a result, they struggle to communicate with others and they are less effective at listening, navigating differences, and discovering synergies.

How to tailor this experience to your group:

Your organization, class, or group may want to use this diagnostic to facilitate discussions. Such discussions can be powerful team building experiences that improve long term effectiveness.

At the beginning of the diagnostic, everyone will need to enter the same group key. After everyone has taken the diagnostic, return to your individual report page to obtain the group results.

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